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The Original All-In-One Placemat + Plate
As Seen On ezpz suctioning placemat for kids as featured on shark tank
ezpz all-in-one plate and placemat is made of 100 percent food-grade silicone
ezpz all-in-one suctioning plate and placemats are free of bpa, bps, pvc and phthalates
ezpz one-piece placemats with plates that suction are dishwasher safe
ezpz one-piece suctioning place mats promote baby self-feeding
ezpz one-piece plates and placemats with suction help develop fine motor skills in babies and toddlers
ezpz baby placemats that suction are hypo-allergenic
ezpz baby placemats that suction do not harbor bacteria
ezpz long lasting silicone placemats do not wear out
"It's worth every penny! We take this Happy Bowl everywhere. It's really a game changer for us. Highly recommended!"
"ezpz products will be my new go-to gift for baby showers and baby birthdays. EVERY mom needs these in her life!"
"As a pediatric occupational therapist, I heart these mats. They definitely encourage independent eating!"
"I'm absolutely obsessed with our new Happy Mat. This thing is genius – I wish I had thought of it!"
"Hands down the best feeding solution."
"I absolutely think this will become a staple baby product for new moms of the future."
"Not only are these mats genius, they are FUN! I love using them for our meals, and I love that they keep our tables clean!"
"You provide families with solutions to problems, which allows them to enjoy a little more family time together. Thanks!"
"Thanks for creating this product. The ezpz Happy Mat changes lives. You have definitely changed ours!"
"We are obsessed with our new ezpz Happy Mat! It makes mealtime easier on everyone!"