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Sesame Street® Collection

ezpz + Sesame Street® have teamed up to bring you our award-winning self-suctioning silicone mats, featuring Elmo & Cookie Monster. These all-in-one placemats, plates & bowls suction to the table, which means that it captures the mess and eliminates tipped bowls and plates.

The Sesame Street Collection

Sesame Street and ezpz share a common mission, which is to help kids of all abilities meet key developmental milestones and grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. All children have the right to learn, play and eat well! 

“We can't wait for the ezpz + Sesame Street Collection to inspire positivity and adventurous eating at family mealtime!” - Lindsey (Founder, ezpz)

Help us celebrate Sesame Street's celebrate 50th anniversary with your very own Elmo or Cookie Monster mat! 

Click on your favorite character to purchase.

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