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Here at ezpz, our team is like family.

We are notorious for team sleepover parties and genuinely enjoy working and hanging out together. A lot of the team goes back to our childhood years in Birmingham, Michigan, and we are thrilled that ezpz has brought us together.

Meet the team!

team members at ezpz


Lindsey is team ezpz's visionary leader and directs all of our marketing and innovation efforts. She is extremely positive, loves to give more than receive and has an undying drive to achieve her goals! Lindsey is also known for being extremely honest and is always, without apology, herself (which is pretty great!).

team members at ezpz


Tamara (a.k.a., Tam, Tams or "boss") is the boss on team ezpz and keeps everyone "on task." She manages all of ezpz's US retailers + sales reps as well as demand planning. Tam and Lindsey go way back; they played soccer together (since they were 12!) and Tam was one of Lindsey's bridesmaids.

team members at ezpz


Dawn, M.S, CCC-SLP, is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Feeding Specialist with over 20 years of experience treating children with swallowing and feeding disorders. Dawn has a huge heart and is known for her innate ability to coach kids (and parents) that have feeding challenges. Dawn is also team ezpz's mom; she always makes sure that we have healthy snacks and beverages around to keep us going!

team members at ezpz


Christie manages ezpz's marketing as well as our international sales force. Christie is extremely hard-working, organized and even keeled (which is important on a team of intense personalities!). Christie, Lindsey and Tam have been friends for 20+ years and Christie was maid of honor at Lindsey and Brad's wedding.

team members at ezpz


Cara is the creative lead on team ezpz and is a huge part of ezpz's amazing branding! Cara is known as the "silent killer," she tends to take it all in and then - bam! - out comes an impressive idea or killer graphic. She also laughs at everyone's jokes, which makes us all feel warm and fuzzy inside.

team members at ezpz


Zac is ezpz's in-house general counsel, i.e., our full-time lawyer! Although team ezpz is small, legal protection is (unfortunately) a huge part of what we do. Zac works tirelessly to protect ezpz and is a tremendous asset to the team. Plus, he's got some serious nerd appeal and is committed to keeping us organized (Tam is rejoicing!).

team members at ezpz


Paul (a.k.a., Joyner or Uncle Joyner) has been with ezpz from Day 1 and takes all of ezpz's gorgeous photographs and videos. Joyner also serves as our resident "pinch hitter" - he assists with tradeshows, shipping, PR, even babysitting and Target runs.

team members at ezpz


Allison is our talented web designer who designed and created the ezpzfun.com website. If you’re interested in Allison’s work (of course you are!) please head to her site: PureHeartStudios.com.

team members at ezpz


Bessie manages one of the most critical pieces of ezpz's business - customer support. We LOVE Bessie because she is super self-sufficient and does everything in her power to keep our customers happy. What's better? She never complains. #madcrush

team members at ezpz


Around ezpz we like to refer to Vance as The Enforcer. End. Of. Story.