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Lindsay Tarpley

Lindsay Tarpley

- CCO of Sweat Cosmetics
- Former Olympian
- Professional Soccer Player


How did the idea for your business come about?

The idea came when we were playing professional soccer and wanted a makeup that didn't sweat off but also provided SPF. There was a gap in the market, so we decided to create our own. Our Sweat Stick is an all-natural mineral powder that is for people who are on the go. It is sweat-resistant and contains SPF. Our goal is to close the gap between beauty and fitness!

Who is your supporting cast of characters that help you to be so darn crush worthy?
Shout-out to my husband who supports me, motivates me and never complains about my less-than-stellar cooking skills. My kids remind me to appreciate the little things and my mommy friends (you know who you are) keep me laughing.
What do you consider to be your theme or "pump-up" song? 
I have to admit my kids and I like to jam out to the ABC's on our way to school. We have a great duet going. Oh, how times have changed, but oh how i cherish them!

Who do you have a crush on?
ezpz for making my life a little bit easier. I can spend more time with my kids instead of doing dishes and picking up food. I have to admit I'm a bit of a germ freak so bringing these mats to restaurants instead of eating off the table has been a hit for us.