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Lauri Lavine

Lauri Lavine

- Manufacturer's Rep in the Juvenile Industry
- Mom and Grandma


What is your backstory (how did you get to where you are today)?

Growing up, I was always involved in organizations and theater.I am an Atlanta girl who met my husband in college. We married 4 years later!

What motivates you?

Myself! I am very detail oriented and a perfectionist -I guess you could say Type A! Keeps me on the move, and happily so!

What is your super power?

We learned from our micro preemie, granddaughter, that “All Heroes Don't Where Capes!” I am the glue in my life, finding balance between wife, mother, daughter and business woman!

How do you protect (and give back to) your community?

Though I have little time to spare, I find time for several charities like Lauren's Run, which raises money for a dear friend's granddaughter who lost her life to cancer, the Alzheimer's Walk to raise funds for all those dealing with this dreadful disease (experienced by my own grandmother) and the one I hold most dear, March of Dimes, in honor of all of those little heroes that fight so hard for the precious gift of life!

Who is your supporting cast of characters that help you to be so darn crush worthy?

I am so proud of my family and friends, who are supportive of me in every way! When I am down, they remind me that I am a “tough cookie” with just the right mix of sweetness and strength.Jean is my right arm (and many times my left) in my office…she keeps me afloat!

What do you consider to be your theme or "pump-up" song?

“Happy” by Pharrell Williams

What is the most difficult part about being an entrepreneur?

The hardest part is getting enough beauty sleep ;-)

Who do you have a crush on?

My grandchildren…Love! Love! Love!