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Care Bears™ Bowl in Teal and Kanga Care-a-lot Wet Bag


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About This Product

Goody goody gosh! We have the perfect pair for Care Bears fans! 

ezpz has partnered with our friends at Kanga Care on a functional bundle that will truly make mealtime ezpz. Kanga Care's limited edition Kanga Care x Care Bears "Care-a-lot" Wet Bag is a standard size wet bag, except instead of being flat (like an envelope), it is HALF MOON shaped to allow more volume. Your Care Bear Mat, along with other snacks, fit nicely in this durable (and cute!) bag. 

What else is cool?

Both of these items are a cinch to clean (the Care Bear Mat is dishwasher safe and the Care-a-lot Wet Bag is machine washable).

The Care Bear Bowl and Care-a-lot Wet Bag are innovative and functional...true game-changers for parents!

Retro is "hip" and nostalgia feels warm and fuzzy, just like a Care Bear hug!