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meal time made ezpz / feeding tips for babies and toddlers from dawn winklemann, speech language pathologist and feeding specialist

Happy Mother's Day!

It’s the month to celebrate moms, and the pressure is on to make the mothers in your life feel loved and appreciated. From homemade cards to kitchen gear, here are some gift ideas to help mom feel special.Caffeinated Mom: Lets face it; moms have busy mornings. Help get her day started with some caffeinated gifts like whole coffee [...]

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How to Introduce Blueberries to your Toddler

Blueberries are labeled as a super food because they are packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium, and they have countless health benefits for you and your child. The domestic blueberry season is from April to September, so parents have a great opportunity to serve this fresh fruit to their child six months out of the year! Here I [...]

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ezpz Trail Mix

As an avid hiker, I have been making my own yummy trail mix for years. I started bringing it to feeding therapy and found it to be a huge success with my pediatric clients. If you teach kids to make their own trail mix, it nurtures their self-help skills and increases the chances of them eating this healthy snack! [...]

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How to Introduce Beets to Toddlers

Beets are a nutritious food filled with fiber, vitamin C, potassium, manganese and folate. These rare nutrients help blood vessels, brain function and keep the heart healthy, too. Do you want your child to learn to enjoy beets early and continue to eat them throughout adulthood? Here are a few recommendations on how to introduce beets to your infants, toddlers [...]

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ezpz + Earth Day

What makes ezpz eco-friendly? Our products make less mess!- Our 100% silicone products do not degrade with use and will generally last for several years. With ezpz, you won’t need to replace disposable plates and bowls, which means less plastic packaging, less cardboard, and less junk.- Sustainability studies show that using silicone products reduces [...]

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Picky Fruit Eaters

Getting kids to eat the recommended daily amount of fruits and veggies can throw parents into a state of panic. For parents with finicky or picky eaters, this can be an ongoing emotional struggle. Here are some reasons why kids refuse fruit, as well as some strategies for parents and feeding therapists to help picky fruit eaters.The Skin – Some fruits [...]

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DIY Easter Craft Ideas

Doing Easter crafts with your kids is an exciting way to decorate your home and spread Easter cheer! It’s also a wonderful Easter tradition to start with your children. Since I come from a military family, we moved a lot and couldn’t bring many holiday decorations with us. So, my family celebrated Easter each year with multiple crafty projects, and [...]

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Sensory-Based Feeding Issues: My Child Can’t Have Food Touch

Does your child eat and enjoy their food more when the food is separated? Is your child insistent on having meals in a divided plate to ensure that foods don’t touch? Is there an instant meltdown when the mac & cheese accidentally touches a green vegetable? If this sounds familiar, your child might have a sensory-based feeding issue.Phobia: [...]

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Who is your favorite Care Bear?

We have teased about it, and now we are THRILLED to announce that ezpz will be collaborating with Care Bears for their 35th year anniversary! Can you help us decide which Care Bear mat YOU would like to see? Please head to Facebook to cast your vote. As you decide, take into account their beautiful colors [...]

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How to Introduce Beans to Your Baby

There are two main reasons why babies should be introduced to solid food around 6 months of age: 1) a baby's stored iron supply starts to diminish at this time and 2) most medical experts recommend starting solids at 6 months. Since iron supplementation is needed at this age, beans are one of the best first foods for [...]

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