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meal time made ezpz / feeding tips for babies and toddlers from dawn winklemann, speech language pathologist and feeding specialist

Common BLW Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them (Part 1)

Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is a feeding method that skips puree foods and starts baby on the same solid foods as the rest of the family. Introducing your baby to solid foods can be a fun yet scary transition for both you and your little one. But knowing some of the common feeding mistakes and pitfalls parents and feeding [...]

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Using Caring Language at Mealtime

We are launching our ezpz Care Bear Mats this month and talking a lot about caring – which has been the Care Bear theme for 35 years! I am excited about this product line and the joy these mats will create at mealtime. In addition, I am hopeful that the nostalgia of Care Bears will be a sweet reminder [...]

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Unicorn Sensory Recipes

Unicorn-themed parties, play dates and sleepovers are so in style right now. Join the fairytale rage by using these three sensory recipes inspired by unicorns! They are sure to make any party magical.Unicorn Fruit Dip: Whether it is for an afterschool snack, a family gathering or a party, dips are a perfect snack for kids to learn to [...]

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The Happy Mat + Child Development

It’s important for parents to understand child development so they can choose toys, games and feeding products wisely. The early years of a child’s life are filled with learning new skills and meeting milestones such as feeding and swallowing. I’ve highlighted five development areas and how the Happy Mat can improve child development.Physical Development: Learning how to eat requires both [...]

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Language Activities on the Play Mat

My role as a speech language pathologist requires me to find creative ways for children to work on their language milestones and have some fun too! It’s important to change up therapy so that it’s stimulating for my clients but also sensible for me. I find that many toys, games and products used in therapy also work for parents [...]

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Introducing Grapes to Toddlers

Grapes are a sweet treat with loads of health benefits for kids. But the parents I work with in feeding therapy are nervous about serving them because of fears of choking. Thus, kids are not provided with the opportunity to learn, explore and eat this powerful fruit. Here are some tips to ease fears and safely introduce grapes to [...]

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Rock Projects (cuz kindness rocks!)

Years ago I was introduced to the Rock Project by one of my feeding therapy clients. A sweet 6-year-old with cerebral palsy made me a rock painted with ‘xo’ (which is something I am known to write before I sign my name in cards, notes and emails to remind others that I love them). This gesture was extremely meaningful [...]

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Articulation Activities on the Play Mat

As a speech language pathologist I am always looking for fun and fresh interactive games to use with kids. But, I need those games to be practical for me, and that means keeping clutter to a minimum. I find that using products that serve multiple purposes not only works for therapy, it works for parents too! Here are a [...]

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Sensory Activities on the Play Mat

It’s time for some sensory play peeps! Not only do sensory activities encourage kids to explore new textures and materials, they can also help children develop new skills. Play-Doh, sensory bins, bubbles and water beads are just a few examples of activities that give kids the opportunity for sensory exploration. The key to making sensory [...]

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Unicorn Craft Ideas for All Ages

Unicorns are all the rage right now. These magical creatures can delight children of all ages, but it is important to select a craft that is appropriate for your child’s age. I divided my crafts into three categories: toddlers, school age and tweens/teens to make this fantasy adventure as developmentally appropriate as possible. Toddlers: I always find crafting with toddlers [...]

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