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meal time made ezpz / feeding tips for babies and toddlers from dawn winklemann, speech language pathologist and feeding specialist

ezpz + Earth Day

What makes ezpz eco-friendly? Our products make less mess!- Our 100% silicone products do not degrade with use and will generally last for several years. With ezpz, you won’t need to replace disposable plates and bowls, which means less plastic packaging, less cardboard, and less junk.- Sustainability studies show that using silicone products reduces [...]

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Picky Fruit Eaters

Getting kids to eat the recommended daily amount of fruits and veggies can throw parents into a state of panic. For parents with finicky or picky eaters, this can be an ongoing emotional struggle. Here are some reasons why kids refuse fruit, as well as some strategies for parents and feeding therapists to help picky fruit eaters.The Skin – Some fruits [...]

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DIY Easter Craft Ideas

Doing Easter crafts with your kids is an exciting way to decorate your home and spread Easter cheer! It’s also a wonderful Easter tradition to start with your children. Since I come from a military family, we moved a lot and couldn’t bring many holiday decorations with us. So, my family celebrated Easter each year with multiple crafty projects, and [...]

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Sensory-Based Feeding Issues: My Child Can’t Have Food Touch

Does your child eat and enjoy their food more when the food is separated? Is your child insistent on having meals in a divided plate to ensure that foods don’t touch? Is there an instant meltdown when the mac & cheese accidentally touches a green vegetable? If this sounds familiar, your child might have a sensory-based feeding issue.Phobia: [...]

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Who is your favorite Care Bear?

We have teased about it, and now we are THRILLED to announce that ezpz will be collaborating with Care Bears for their 35th year anniversary! Can you help us decide which Care Bear mat YOU would like to see? Please head to Facebook to cast your vote. As you decide, take into account their beautiful colors [...]

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How to Introduce Beans to Your Baby

There are two main reasons why babies need solid food around 6 months of age: 1) mom's milk no longer meets baby’s need for iron and 2) at this stage babies stored iron supply starts to diminish. Since 6 months of age is the best time to start solid food introduction, and it’s the same time frame iron supplementation [...]

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Picky Vegetable Eaters

When you read this blog title you may have thought, “Of course kids are picky about veggies – is there another type of picky eater?” In fact, there is! A lot of children are picky protein eaters, which can affect their growth and development. Some kids are picky fruit eaters, and they miss out on essential vitamins and nutrients. [...]

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5 Tips for Organizing a Playroom

Keeping a playroom or therapy room clean and functional is time-consuming and overwhelming if you don’t have a plan. When I owned my brick and motor private practice for feeding and speech therapy, I had four playrooms that served hundreds of kids a week. Below I have captured the tips that kept me sane when the broken toys, food, [...]

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Play Mat Use – For Adults!

Toys aren’t just for kids anymore, and adult “play” plus alternate uses for toys has been growing in popularity for years. Have you seen any videos of parents trying to figure out how to use their kids’ toys...and failing? Or, perhaps an adult unboxing a toy or product and showing how to use these “toys” for uses around the [...]

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How to Introduce Onions to Your Toddler

Onions are hands down my favorite vegetable. The flavor of an onion brings mouthwatering yumminess to a meal. Unfortunately, many toddlers do not like onions and (as an example) they will happily eat their spaghetti but refuse to eat a diced onion in the sauce. Below are some tips that will help you introduce onions to your toddler.When to introduce: [...]

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