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How to Use ezpz Products in Feeding Therapy (Part 1)

Here at ezpz we have a large community of parents and medical professionals specializing in feeding therapy. Both groups ask me questions on how to select and use our products in therapy to help infants, toddlers and school age children learn how to eat. Feeding therapy can be overwhelming for parents (and surprisingly for the feeding therapist too). I’ve broken [...]

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How to Introduce Bananas to Babies

When I teach Baby Led Weaning (BLW) classes, I always suggest trying banana as one of the first foods for baby. But I didn’t realize how confusing this fruit is for parents until I was inundated with questions about it. Let’s tackle some of the most common feeding questions I receive when it comes to bananas.Consistency: In my courses, I get [...]

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Three Mistakes Parents Make During Baby-Led Spoon Feeding

Independent spoon feeding is a fun mealtime milestone for baby. But sometimes parents make a mistake or two along the way. As a feeding specialist, here are three of the most common mistakes I see when it comes to baby-led spoon feeding.Mistake #1: Offering the Wrong Size Handle Some parents tell me they decided not to continue with baby-led [...]

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Feeding Milestones for Baby: Spoon Feeding (6 to 12 months)

It’s important to be flexible in feeding. You may want to introduce your baby to solids using a specific feeding method (Baby Led Weaning (BLW) or Purees), but ultimately baby will choose what texture to eat and what texture to refuse. With this in mind, choose a spoon that will work for BOTH feeding methods. This saves you money (by [...]

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Feeding Milestones for Baby: Spoon Feeding (at 6 months)

Starting solids is a glorious time for you and baby. Introducing a spoon as early as 6 months of age can help baby learn to self-feed and gain critical oral motor and fine motor skills. Here is a list of spoon-feeding milestones to explore with your 6-month-old baby.6-month-old Spoon Milestones: As with all developmental milestones, ages are approximate [...]

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Feeding Milestones for Baby: Cup Drinking

Did you know that cup drinking is a developmental milestone for baby? Cup drinking can aid with teething, decrease tooth decay and help babies learn to have a strong swallow. The ezpz Tiny Cup was designed to help baby learn to drink out of an open cup. Here are a few tips on why you should consider introducing the Tiny [...]

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Three Reasons to Use Purees in the BLW Method

As a feeding specialist, I teach Baby Led Weaning (BLW) courses to parents and professionals online and in person. My attendees are usually shocked when I talk about the importance of using purees in the BLW method. Here are three important reasons to incorporate purees when starting BLW.Puree for Testing Baby’s Swallow: There’s a huge texture difference when baby transitions [...]

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Using Dips with Picky Eaters

Dips and dippers are important tools in feeding development, especially if your child has finicky tendencies towards trying new foods. Dipping may also help reduce picky eating and encourage kids to be more adventurous! Here are some ‘dip tips’ from a seasoned feeding therapist.Tips for Picking a Dip: Using a dip to help empower a child to make choices [...]

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Healthy 2-Ingredient Banana Oat Cookies that are Super ezpz!

Healthy 2-Ingredient Banana Oat CookiesPrep Time: 5 MinutesCook Time: 15 MinutesTotal Time: 20 MinutesServings: 9 cookiesCalories per cookie: 30 kcalIngredients 1 large, ripe banana3/4 cup gluten free quick oatsOptional Ingredients 2 tablespoons cacao nibs or chocolate chips2 tablespoons crushed nuts (pecans, walnuts, almonds, etc.)2 tablespoons dried fruit (raisins, cranberries, chopped dates, etc.)2 tablespoons nut butterInstructions1. Preheat oven [...]

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Feeding Tips for Holiday Road Trips

Parents consistently ask me for advice on products that are good for in-home use as well as for travel. With the holidays coming up, you may be traveling with family for several hours, and the kids are bound to get hungry and thirsty. Below I have a list of must-have feeding products for traveling in a car this [...]

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