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meal time made ezpz / feeding tips for babies and toddlers from dawn winklemann, speech language pathologist and feeding specialist

Tips on Feeding A Child With Vision Impairments

Did you know that team ezpz hosts a blab every month? It’s called The ezpz Mealtime Show, and it is where parents and professionals share tips on feeding children who struggle to eat. Our latest blab topic was Tips on Feeding a Child with Visual Impairments. We had three amazing moms on the show that shared their personal stories of feeding [...]

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How to Introduce Chard to Toddlers

Chard is one of my go-to veggies because I get it in my CSA during the fall and at the farmer’s market from September to June! If you are unfamiliar with chard, chard tastes similar to spinach, and it is packed with vitamins A, C, K and iron. A lot of parents I work with in feeding therapy want [...]

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Strategies for Distracted Eaters

Toddlers can be easily distracted, especially during mealtime when they would rather be playing than learning about new foods. When children are distracted and not eating, the meal can quickly shift to a battle with arguing, negotiating and disciplining. In order to make mealtime more successful, here are some tips to help distracted eaters. In my experience [...]

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Let’s Blab about Feeding

Last month, team ezpz hosted our first blab: ezpz feeding products: An interview with Lindsey Laurain. It was a great success! If you are not familiar with Blab.im, here is some information about this new and fun media broadcast platform.Blab.im is an online video conversation platform where people can video chat in front of a live audience. The audience can [...]

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“Lettuce” Introduce Lettuce

Research shows that lettuce is the primary veggie adults consume; for some, it’s the only veggie they eat! On average, an American adult eats about 33 pounds of lettuce per year. Kids – not so much. Since lettuce has beta-carotene, vitamin C and K, iron, potassium and much needed fiber, lettuce is a perfect veggie to introduce to your [...]

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How to Introduce Broccoli to Toddlers

Broccoli is a nutritious veggie most parents want their toddler to eat (it is loaded with vitamins and protein too!). But it’s also a vegetable parents usually don’t model eating. This makes it difficult for a child to imitate good broccoli munching behaviors; they don’t have a visual on how it’s done! Eventually they become wary of green foods, which [...]

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Feeding Toddlers: Nudge Don’t Judge

I work with a lot of parents on how to feed their children and encourage picky eaters to eat, and I hear about the internal struggle of wanting your kid to be “good eater.” Some parents feel the pressure to bribe or even force-feed their kids in order to deliver adequate nutrition. Others entice the kid(s) with dessert or [...]

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5 Ways to Use the Micro Mat in Feeding Therapy

The media, our customers and our readers are familiar with our flagship product, the Happy Mat. But have you seen or used our Micro Mat with your kids? Lindsey, our founder, was giving away these adorable tiny mats at trade shows and conferences so parents could understand the sensory properties of the Happy Mat. I grabbed a few of these [...]

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Citrus Fruits for Toddlers

Oranges, lemons, mandarins, limes…citrus fruits keeps the winter flu away and your toddler feeling fine! During the holidays our kiddos are more susceptible to catching a cold because of traveling in airports, holiday parties, hugging family members and running around the mall. Vitamin C is believed to help boost your child’s immune system and is plentiful in citrus fruits. Here [...]

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Holiday Food Activities on the Play Mat

Many people celebrate the holidays by spending time with family and enjoying deliciously prepared food and drinks together. These family traditions can vary depending on culture, ethnicity and values, but eating and drinking is usually the cornerstone of holiday parties (especially if children are involved!). Here are a few tips for fun holiday food activities on the Play Mat.Gingerbread [...]

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