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meal time made ezpz / feeding tips for babies and toddlers from dawn winklemann, speech language pathologist and feeding specialist

How to Introduce Onions to Your Toddler

Onions are hands down my favorite vegetable. The flavor of an onion brings mouthwatering yumminess to a meal. Unfortunately, many toddlers do not like onions and (as an example) they will happily eat their spaghetti but refuse to eat a diced onion in the sauce. Below are some tips that will help you introduce onions to your toddler. When [...]

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Developing Play

Did you know that play is a developmental milestone? There are several different stages of play that apply to different age ranges, and there are many ways to help facilitate play for children! On this blog entry I am going to help you understand the different play types and share innovative tips + products that help enrich play.Solitary Play (playing [...]

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Picky Dessert Eaters

Did the title of this blog surprise you? Is there really a child out there that refuses to eat dessert? Yes, there is! And being picky about candy can be just as devastating to the child + parent as picky eating with healthy foods. Learn why it’s important to help picky dessert eaters become more social!Social Ramifications: As a feeding therapist, [...]

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Toddler Taco Bar

A DIY taco bar is a real treat for kids because it gives them some control around mealtime, which sets the groundwork for adventurous eating! Use these tips to make dinnertime successful with this child friendly taco bar station.Shells: Choose either soft tortillas (chewy) or hard shells (crunchy) depending on which type of texture your child enjoys more. You may want to [...]

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Indoor Sensory Play Ideas for the Winter Months

During the winter kids are indoors more often, which can wreak havoc for parents trying to keep them occupied. For children with special needs or a Sensory Processing Disorder, time inside the home can be over-stimulating, which can cause such behaviors as fighting with siblings, refusing to eat or an inability to stay calm. Avoid behavior overload with these indoor [...]

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How to Introduce an Orange to your Toddler

Oranges have powerful antioxidants that can ward off illness and keep your family healthy this winter. Have you tried offering oranges to your child and they refuse to eat it? This may be due to the type of orange you used. As an example, you may have chosen an orange that is too tart. Or, it may have been [...]

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Stress-Free Mealtime

Parents often tell me that work, over-commitments and family activities keep them from having consistent meals together as a family. They explain that when schedules get tight, dinner at the table gets dropped because it’s too stressful to manage on top of everything else. I have some suggestions for easing mealtime anxiety by establishing routines, planning and serving meals, and [...]

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How to Introduce Persimmons to Your Toddler

Other than decorations, nothing screams the holiday season more to me than persimmons. Have your kids tried Fuyu persimmons yet? They are a delicious fruit that is a MUST for your holiday grocery list this season! Here are some tips on how to introduce persimmons to your toddler.How to eat it: The Fuyu is a light orange-colored fruit that [...]

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Holiday Food Crafts

Keeping kids busy during the winter break can make the holidays less stressful for everyone! Here are a few holiday food crafts that will keep children focused on a fun fine motor and sensory task. These activities are especially great for picky eaters, as they expose kids to new foods through crafting instead of eating, which helps them gain familiarity [...]

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How to Introduce Kiwi to your Toddler

Kiwi is a beautiful fruit that is oftentimes served around the holidays because of its festive green appearance. Its smaller in size than an orange, but packs an equal amount of vitamin C! But how can you get your little ones to try it? Here are a few tips on how to introduce kiwi to your toddler.Improve Exploration: Do you [...]

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